Island Beach State Park

Natural features of Island Beach


The ocean, bay, sand dunes, plants, animals, and physical forces that shape Island Beach State Park can all be found in other places outside the park's boundaries. What is relatively unique is that all of these elements are found together in a relatively large expanse of preserved barrier island. Most of the land within Island Beach and the aquatic habitats that surround much of the park's terrestrial habitats are protected from large scale human disturbance.

Despite being located a relatively short drive from some of the the most densely populated areas in the United States, Island Beach State Park is shaped more by natural forces than by the hand of man. It provides a rare glimpse of the beach habitats that native Americans and early European explorers found along the New Jersey coast many hundreds of years ago.

You can explore some of the natural features of the park by clicking on the links below. You can also find more nature information at LBI nature.








Nature and Natural History

Island Beach plant species list

Common fish species

The Physical Environment


Shoreline sand movement

Sand dunes


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